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Strategic Partnerships & Outreach
Our staff and volunteers establish and implement clear strategies for events,
partnerships, and initiatives to increase engagement with participants and existing donors.

We believe in the importance of prevention, advocacy and awareness to improve the lives of those and their families living with the inherited blood disorder. Sickle Cycle offers short-term and long-term consulting services:

Project Management

We will provide input and analyze your proposals and programs

to highlight performance gaps while managing the execution of 

services and programs.

Speaking Engagement

We serve as a professional and compassionate spokesperson to a variety of groups including religious affiliations, associations, corporation, and foundations.

Educational Seminar

We explore the complexities and complications of sickle cell and provide resources to help improve awareness and advocacy.


We train volunteers and organizations on drafting and implementing citywide and statewide advocacy plans for meetings and events such as Hill Day, Advocacy Day, etc. 

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