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world sickle cell day 2017

As you can tell by the title, today is World Sickle Cell Day. Do you want to know how we celebrated? We spent the day with Dennis from I Said Chyyy, a weekly podcast series that highlights current topics. When Dennis invited me to share my story, I was jubilant.

I met Dennis when I was in college. I had an internship with the City of Philadelphia and Dennis and I had to coordinate an evening event on Broad St. We literally became fast friends, like as soon as we said hello to each other. Fast forward to now, Dennis is that friend that you go to for career advice, good food, and a good laugh. I'm so proud of him as an educator, fundraising guru, and leader in community engagement. Now, he has created a platform to highlight the experiences and stories of people like you and me.

Take a listen as we explore the complexities of Sickle Cell Disease:

Thoughts and comments are much appreciated!

With love,


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